Un surclassement

2919B638-C4D0-4FC7-B134-6B4B73AE3145.pngEveryone seems to have a gift guide, so it got me thinking about what I would recommend. I thought about things that I had particularly appreciated this year, either in my travels or my day-to-day life. Some are quite expensive, others are more in the stocking stuffer category. All of them are little luxuries that are an upgrade, or un surclassement (uhn sir-class-mehn) on things I use regularly.

Filt net bag – I talked about how much I like my tri-color net bag on the blog a few weeks ago. Apparently, Ikea now has a less expensive, version and there are some on Amazon, not by Filt, of course. You can get the real thing at Anthropologie, however.

Bagnet – This is a super-strong magnet, encased in leather, that keeps my purse or tote off dirty floors. They have some holiday specials on their site right now, so I might buy another one for me and one to gift.

ID card holder – Like many other people, I need an ID card  to open exterior doors where I work. A standard lanyard just wasn’t cutting it for me. I finally sprang for one at Brighton and it definitely lifts a daily object to a higher plane.


Cashmere socks – Last year, my daughter asked for cashmere socks for Christmas, praising their luxurious coziness. After I finished buying for her, I discovered a couple of pairs I’d bought on sale at Brooks Brothers and tucked in a drawer. Oh my. Simply delightful.

A happy umbrella – When it rains, it’s sufficiently dreary without everyone carrying a black umbrella. I asked for “a happy umbrella” for my birthday. I wanted a full-sized one, rather than a collapsable model, which made the search more complex, but I eventually found one that makes me smile in the rain.

Breakfast-in-bed tray My husband brings me breakfast in bed every single day (except if he’s traveling, but then the cat lets me down). He was using a small tray, but I saw a nice one with folding legs and ordered it “for him.” It makes my favorite morning ritual even better. I noticed a similar one at Barnes and Noble last week. You could be just as popular at your home, or maybe someone will serve you.

E242D795-8210-41B2-8E66-9C5BDCD1863AMembership to The Trustees of Reservations  – This spring, I visited Fruitlands, a former Transcendentalist community in Massachusetts. I learned that this is just one of many properties maintained and protected by The Trustees. I bought a membership for the year that allowed my husband and I to enjoy so many of their properties. If you’re not in or near Massachusetts, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have a similar organisation that you can support with a membership.

Waterford silk throw I love a cuddly throw. Last year, I upgraded the ones in our livingroom to pure brushed silk. They are super warm and soft as well as very elegant. In addition, our cat loves them. Drape one over your legs and you’re a cat magnet. I got mine on Ruelala.com, the flash-sale website, at a substantial discount.

Bose sound cancelling headphones This is the splurge recommendation. As much as I love traveling, I loathe the experience of being in a plane. The engine drone drives me nuts, not to mention all of the other noises. These headphones put me in my own bubble. I sleep so much better and am much more able to function when I land.

Joyeux Fêtes!

About Patricia Gilbert

Patricia Gilbert is a French teacher. She's Canadian, lives in the United States, but dreams of living in France. Follow her on Instagram @Onequalitythefinest and on Twitter @1qualthefinest.
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5 Responses to Un surclassement

  1. Ellen A. says:

    Some very nice ideas. One has to handwash those cashmere socks though, yes?

  2. Okay – your husband brings you breakfast in bed every day?! So jealous! 🙂

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