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Ce que j’ai lu

I’ve enjoyed some good reads lately that were either in French or that had a francophile angle. Each was a book that I’ve owned for a while. I’m commited to finishing  all my backlog of books before I buy any … Continue reading

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Sans jury ni récompense

I love my Page a-day Gallery Calendar; it brightens each day with beautiful images. Through it, I learn about new works from favorite artists and discover some new artists with talent that I admire. Paul Signac is one of those … Continue reading

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Elle me dit

I got t-h-i-s close to Fanny Ardant a couple of years ago. She was sitting outside at a café on St. Germain de Prés and I was helping an American tourist find his hotel. “That’s Fanny Ardant!” I whispered, scarcely … Continue reading

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Un bon acteur, c’est celui qui a beaucoup vécu

Prolific French actor Gérard Depardieu was born on December 27, 1948. Depardieu was born to a blue-collar family and he abandoned his education when he was only twelve. He left his hometown of Châteauroux, south of Paris, when he was … Continue reading

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Tout le monde a ses raisons

French director Jean Renoir was born on September 15, 1894. His baby pictures were a little better than average, since his father was Pierre-Auguste Renoir (although he does look like a little girl in several!). He was born in the … Continue reading

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Dis moi avec qui tu vas

One of the most famous members of the French Resistance, Jean Moulin, was born on June 20, 1899. Prior to the war, he had a completely unremarkable life in his hometown of Béziers, in southern France. He studied law and … Continue reading

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Comment on sauve le bateau?

French designer Philippe Patrick Starck revolutionized household items we use every day and turned them into objets d’art. His creations are known for their simplicity of form. Apparently 10,000 of his designs have been produced. That’s a lot of hours … Continue reading

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La Reine du Music-Hall

French actress and singer Mistinguett was born on April 5, 1875 under the name Jeanne Bourgeois. In her day, she was at one time the best-paid female entertainer in the world. She came from the proverbial humble background. From a … Continue reading

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Une seule qualité, la toute première

Almost two years ago now, I named this blog “One quality, the finest” after having been inspired by the story of la Veuve Clicquot. I read about her in Mireille Guiliano’s book Women, Work, and the Art of Savoir Faire: … Continue reading

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French writer and politician André Malraux was born in Paris on November 3, 1901. He lived in a world of women – his mother, aunt, and grandmother – after the divorce of his parents. Malraux was largely self-educated.  He began … Continue reading

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