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La Crèche de Noël

As long as I can remember, my family had une crèche de Noël (oon cresh duh no-ell), or a Nativity scene. Mary was a little worse for wear, with a chunk missing at the base. She had to be propped … Continue reading

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My penchant for rootling around antique shops has made me think of another useful French word, fouiner (foo-ee-nay); which means “to search,” or “to rummage through.” What kind of things to I like to search for? Things that make me … Continue reading

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Ce qui est pris n’est plus à prendre

On Saturday, I spent an enjoyable day poking around antique shops in Essex, Massachusetts. We saw a portrait that we liked very much, but we wanted to think it over.  Then I learned a very à propos phrase on the … Continue reading

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